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Welcome to alice_nine, the largest English-language, international Alice Nine/A9 fan community on Livejournal!

Have you got a question about the band that you just haven't been able to get answered?
Are you on the lookout for translations?
Do you need a place to rant about how awesome that latest release was?

You've come to the right place! Whether you call them アリス九號., Alice Nine, or A9, we're here for you! To see some of the posts here, you must have a Livejournal account and then join the community. We love meeting new Kyuukumi (A9 fans) so don't hesitate to introduce yourself once you become a member and you can even take a few minutes to read others' introductions. If you'd rather not create an account to join the community, you can still comment anonymously on most entries... but it's more fun if you join us!

Please read the rules on the [ profile page ] before you do any posting or commenting. Thanks!

Official Links

A9's Official Home Page | Official Youtube | Official Twitter | Official Line: @a9_line
Official Clubs: NUMBER SIX. | VIP Salon
Member Twitter Accounts: Show | Hiroto | Tora | Saga | Nao
Member Instagram Accounts: Show | Hiroto
Member Youtube Accounts: Tora (co-owned with his friend)
Member Ameba Accounts: Nao

You can get many of A9's releases on itunes, Apple Music, or Spotify (here/here/here). If you are unable to buy the physical releases, please support them through listening to legal streaming/digital options!

Community Links

A9's Discography | Magazine Archive | Alice9Channel / Blog Magazine

Introductory Post : Check back now and again to see the introductions of new members!

How to Join the Fan Club (external link)

This is a "sticky post", so it will always be the top entry on this community. If you have any questions about how to join, some suggestions for the community, see some rule-breaking, or a problem on the community, please leave a comment to this entry. All comments are screened, which means only I, a friendly moderator, will be able to see them. You can also send me a direct message.


This notice is a little bit late, but the new BEST OF albums have been released, and if you aren't able to buy a physical copy (see this entry for links and details), make sure you grab a digital copy via itunes, or else stream the songs via Apple Music or Spotify (Kachou no Shirabe | Fuugetsu no Uta)!

They're absolutely stellar, so give them a try!

The other big notice that I have to give is regarding the announcement that Hiroto's birthday live will be broadcast, well, live on Niconico! They'll also be re-broadcasting last year's live the day before. Go forth and timeshift both events, my friends!

May 3rd 2019 : BROADCAST PAGE : STAIRWAY TO MOON - Hiroto's Birthday Celebration 2018

May 4th 2019 : BROADCAST PAGE : CASE OF 花鳥 - Hiroto's Birthday Celebration 2019

Please be aware, however, that after a certain point, the live broadcast becomes Premium Members only... but you can activate a premium membership just for the month if you don't want to miss all the action. I'm sure the live will be every bit as spectacular this year as last year's was!

If you have any questions about the release, the upcoming live broadcasts, or better yet, want to discuss the new albums/songs, please go ahead and leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer, or get super geeky about the songs in the comments with you.
Show will be appearing on a live broadcast of Mujinyan Mate (presented by the FOOL'S MATE channel) in order to promote the new 2-part BEST OF album, and also to talk about cats, as "Shishamo's Papa"! :p

(Shishamo is his extremely cute cat, in case anyone wasn't aware!)

You can view the live broadcast on either site below:

However, please note that part of the broadcast on either site will be for paying viewers only, so after a certain point, you will no longer be able to watch. On FRESH LIVE, you will need to pay a monthly fee of 360JPY, and on the FOOL'S MATE channel (through NICONICO) it would be 324JPY per month.

This also means that if you don't watch the broadcast live, you probably won't be able to view a timeshifted copy after the broadcast has finished airing. So if you really want to see it, and aren't able to get a membership on either site, make sure you watch it live!
The release of the 2-part BEST OF album (kachou no shirabe // fuugetsu no uta) is less than a week away (April 24th)! There's still time to preorder physical copies online through CDJapan (KnS / FnU), HMV (KnS / FnU), or Amazon (KnS / FnU) etc... otherwise, get the digital versions through itunes, apple music or Spotify starting from release day!

If you buy both versions of the album at the same time from the same store, you will be given an "Outstore Event" ticket, which can be used after any of the associated live tour performances (listed in the poster at the end of this entry) in order to access an autograph and short talk session. CDJapan and HMV are participating in this bonus, but Amazon is not, so keep that in mind if the bonus ticket interests you! You'll need to check with store pages beforehand to make sure they're participating in that bonus offer and still have them in stock. The two band members in attendance changes according to each live performance (much like last year's similar event), and you can check THIS page on their OHP for more information, including which CD/DVDs are eligible for signing. If you have any questions about this particular event, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below and I'll do my best to answer!

For anyone not on Twitter, and who hasn't checked out the teaser videos yet, take a look at the teaser for each album below!

I've only listened to the preview for kachou no shirabe (I really don't want any spoilers for the songs on fuugetsu no uta before I can listen in full :p ), but the rearrangements sound amazing... true to the original songs and yet wonderfully new. I can't wait to hear everything in full. I hope everyone else is hyped up!

The art for the regular editions of the album has been unveiled (check out THIS post for the limited edition album art), and man... it is absolutely beautiful. You're gonna want to click on each preview image to admire all the details in the full-size versions.

In addition, CD shops have tweeted images of the new promo poster for the album release and associated "ALIVERSARY" tour, which includes another glimpse of their new look. Click on the image below to see it full-size.

Hello fellow Kyuugumis!!!
I recently made a video live report about A9's White Day live 'HIROTO vs. THE ALTERNATIVE vs. DIAWOLF'. I'm still new to vlogging so apologies for the awkwardness ^__^'a

I know it's two weeks late D: but I hope you enjoy it!

(A9 WD Live 2019)

A9 have announced a NicoNico live broadcast on March 15th (this Friday) to jumpstart their upcoming 2MAN tour with BugLug (A9 vs BugLug 2MAN TOUR : Noroshi-TOO FAST TO LIVE TOO YOUNG TO DIE-) which will begin on the 21st of March. You can check out all the information on [ this site ], but I've copied the tour dates below, anyway.

3/21(木・祝) Fukuoka BEAT STATION
3/23(土) Umeda TRAD
3/24(日) Nagoya ReNY limited
3/29(金) Sendai darwin
3/31(日) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
4/5(金) Shinjuku BLAZE

The NicoNico broadcast page is [ HERE ] so don't forget to tune in if you can, or timeshift it to be able to watch it later! All members of both bands will be in attendance.

Again, the [ NicoNico Live Broadcast ] is on the 15th of March!
The limited edition of the upcoming albums has been unveiled, and will be available for preorder on A9's online shop (MAD - preorder page) from the 3rd of March to the 20th of March. The only catch is that you must be a Fan Club member in order to buy a copy -- but as long as you join within the above time-frame, you will be eligible to place a preorder of the limited edition.

If you are not sure how to join the FC, check out [ THIS GUIDE ].

As for exactly what is included in the "FC Deluxe Limited Edition" (and BOY is it FANCY!), it is as follows:

[kachou no shirabe] / [fuugetsu no uta]

(check THIS TWEET for the full-size version of the cover art)

LP-size, containing 2 CDs, 2 DVDs, and a 36 page deluxe booklet
Cost: ¥15,000 (not including tax)
Preorder Period: 2019.03.03 - 2019.03.20
Shipment Date: 2019.04.24

CD 1:[kachou no shirabe]

1. TIME MACHINE (タイムマシン)
2. hana ichi monme (華一匁)
3. GRADATION (グラデーション)
4. H.A.N.A.B.I.
5. gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi (銀の月 黒い星※F+IX=YOU version)
6. mugen no hana (無限の花)
7. heisei juushichinen shichigatsu nanoka (平成十七年七月七日)
8. Corona (光環)
9. VELVET (ヴェルヴェット)

CD 2:[fuugetsu no uta]

2. -Dice-
3. kousai (虹彩)
6. the beautiful name
7. Waterfall
8. Le Grand Bleu
9. GEMINI-0-eternal
10. GEMINI-I-the void
11. GEMINI-II-the luv

DVD 1:2018.12.24 "ALICEMAS 2018~A9 with ORCHESTRA" at Shinagawa PRINCE STELLAR BALL

2. I.
3. yami ni chiru sakura (闇ニ散ル桜)
4. kuuron (九龍)
6. birth in the death

DVD 2:2019.01.06 A9 ONEMANLIVE TOUR 2018-2019 "zettai 'kuro' ryouiki" at Nanba Hatch

2. VELVET (ヴェルヴェット)
6. -Dice-

Special Release Event - for those who purchase the FC edition
Date: 2019.05.01
Privilege: 6SHOT (Photo with all 5 members)
The location (somewhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) and time will be printed on the ticket included in the album.


There is no limit to the number of albums a single person can buy; the only requirement to be able to purchase it is that you be a Fan Club member (guide to joining).

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm still pretty dazed at the addition of those two DVDs with a bunch of live footage. Sometimes, money can buy happiness. lol

If this delectable version is too fancy for you, refer back to this post and this post for information about the regular physical and digital copies!
If you intend to buy physical copies of the new BEST OF albums (see this entry for more details), they are now available for preorder on CDJapan (kachou no shirabe / fuugetsu no uta), and I would assume any other online store you normally use (HMV, amazon... etc).

The albums contain 10 and 11 tracks, respectively, and are CD-only. Album art is yet to be revealed!

If you don't intend to order a physical copy, you will be able to buy/stream the albums via Spotify, itunes, or apple music.

Once again, it'll be released on the 24th of April 2019, so look forward to it!
ALICE IN CASTLE -星の王子と月の城- Pamphlet 2018.08.25
English Translation by Confused Universe
Source Post: Confused Universe




For you reading this pamphlet right after buying it,
And for you reading it after having seen the live,
And for you picking it up after years have passed in order to reminisce,
What "ALICE IN CASTLE" is...
May or may not be answered here.
Always, the answer is vague,
And always the clear reality is something cruel.

However, if there's one thing that can be said,
It's that through the journey of the Moon, and the journey of Mars,
The band A9 has reaffirmed something important,
And in order to gift that precious thing to you,
We invited you to our castle.

Going beyond the format of a 'band',
A9 is polishing their weapons in order to convey something
To you, our comrades, who walk together with us.
We do not know what will happen next.
There might not be a tomorrow.

August 25th, 2018.
Come on, the new dawn of A9 is starting.

Everything in uppercase was already written in English, and as graphicabyss on Tumblr pointed out, they're actually quotes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It's unusual, to begin with, to have a message like this in a pamphlet, and we know by now that for ALICE IN CASTLE they incorporated theatre into the live... But was that really the end of the story?
They have recently announced the sale date for the new pair of Best Of albums (all songs have been re-arranged and re-recorded), along with the name of each album, and their classy new look. They're going to be doing a big summer tour in support of the albums, with the tour final being on the 10th of August 2019 (Info on OHP).

But for now, get excited about that set of albums!
They've confirmed that they will be available on itunes, Apple Music, and their Spotify page, so if you can't pick up the physical copy in an online retailer like CD Japan, Tower Records, Amazon, or HMV, please support them through one of the digital/streaming options above!

(View the fullsize version HERE)

The albums go on Sale: 2019-4-24

A9 15TH ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM "kachou no shirabe" (花鳥ノ調)
M1. TIME MACHINE (タイムマシン)
M2. hana ichi monme (華一匁)
M3. GRADATION (グラデーション)
M4. H.A.N.A.B.I.
M5. gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi (銀の月 黒い星※F+IX=YOU version)
M6. mugen no hana (無限の花)
M7. heisei juushichinen shichigatsu nanoka (平成十七年七月七日)
M8. Corona (光環)
M9. VELVET (ヴェルヴェット)

A9 15TH ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM "fuugetsu no uta" (風月ノ詩)
M2. -Dice-
M3. kousai (虹彩)
M6. the beautiful name
M7. Waterfall
M8. Le Grand Bleu
M9. GEMINI-0-eternal
M10. GEMINI-I-the void
M11. GEMINI-II-the luv

What we know so far...
- Saga has been in charge of all the re-arrangements
- Mugen no hana, kousai, and the GEMINI suite all have orchestral backing
- Saga will be joining Show in singing the choruses for every song
- Originally they were gunning to remake the NUMBER SIX. MV, but as of yet, there is no word on whether there will be a new MV accompanying either album.
- Show has started a new project on his VIP salon, of writing short stories to go with his lyrics (then narrating them himself!), and so far he has done one for TIME MACHINE... he has recently said he's working on the next story -- join his VIP salon to read/listen!

Let the 15th Anniversary celebration begin!

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