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Welcome to alice_nine, the largest English-language, international Alice Nine./A9 fan community!

You can also connect with us on Twitter! : @9kumiParade

Have you got a question about the band that you just haven't been able to get answered?
Are you on the lookout for translations?
Do you need a place to rant about how awesome that latest release was?

You've come to the right place! Whether you call them アリス九號., Alice Nine., or A9, we're here for you! To see some of the posts here, you must have a Livejournal account and then join the community. We love meeting new 9kumi (cue-koo-mee = Alice Nine. fans) so don't hesitate to introduce yourself once you become a member and you can even take a few minutes to read others' introductions. If you'd rather not create an account to join the community, you can still comment anonymously on most entries... but it's more fun if you join us!

Please read the rules on the [ profile page ] before you do any posting or commenting. Thanks!

Official Links

Alice Nine.'s Official Home Page | Official Youtube | Official Twitter | Official Line: @a9_line | Official Instagram
Official Clubs: NUMBER SIX. | VIP Salon
Member Twitter Accounts: Show | Hiroto | Tora | Saga | Nao
Member Instagram Accounts: Show | Hiroto
Member Youtube Accounts: Tora (co-owned with his friend)
Member Ameba Accounts: Nao

You can get many of Alice Nine.'s releases on itunes, Apple Music, or Spotify (here/here/here). If you are unable to buy the physical releases, please support them through listening to legal streaming/digital options!

Community Links

Alice Nine.'s Discography | Magazine Archive | Alice9Channel / Blog Magazine

Introductory Post : Check back now and again to see the introductions of new members!

How to Join the Fan Club (external link)

This is a "sticky post", so it will always be the top entry on this community. If you have any questions about how to join, some suggestions for the community, see some rule-breaking, or a problem on the community, please leave a comment to this entry. All comments are screened, which means only I, a friendly moderator, will be able to see them. You can also send me a direct message.


For their first single back under the name アリス九號./Alice Nine., the guys have decided to make a Fanclub Member only, made-to-order edition alongside the regular and limited editions that will be sold in stores. You do need to be an FC member in order to order it (Check out the guide HERE if you aren't yet a member). When you go to pay for the FC edition on the MAD website, you will be prompted to log into your NUMBER SIX. account before completing your order.

Release Date: October 23, 2019
FC made-to-order edition preorder date: 18th - 30th September 2019

OHP News Page: Here
ORDER PAGE: M A D website

As for exactly what is included in this Deluxe, Made-To-order Fanclub Edition...

kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- FC Deluxe Limited Edition

1 CD, 2 DVDs, and a 16 page deluxe booklet
Cost: ¥6,980 (not including tax)
Preorder Period: 2019.09.18 - 2019.09.30
Shipment Date: 2019.10.23

CD:kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-

1. kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- (革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming-)
2. shara sousou (沙羅早々) -Note: I'm not 100% sure about this reading
3. AGEHA (アゲハ)

DVD 1:
◆ kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- Music Video
◆ A9 Asia Tour 2019 Documentary Footage

DVD 2:
2019.08.24 "Beautiful Beast Fest." at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST as "A9"
2. Phoenix

2019.08.24 "Beautiful Beast Fest." at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST as "Alice Nine."
1. Opening
2. the beautiful name
3. subete e (すべてへ)

Special Release Event - for those who purchase the FC edition
Privilege: Special live event for 400 winners!

The location (somewhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) and further information will be printed on the ticket included in the single. They do note that they will provide further information soon, and that, of course, the details are subject to change; the event may also possibly be cancelled at their discretion.

There is no limit to the number of singles each person can buy; the only requirement to be able to purchase it is that you be a Fan Club member (guide to joining). Each FC edition you buy gives you one entry to be able to win one of the 400 tickets.


If this delectable version is too fancy for you, don't worry: the regular and limited editions of the single are pretty delectable too! They should be up for preorder in all the usual places online soon enough. I would assume they will also be available to purchase on itunes, and available to stream on apple music as well (possibly along with other streaming platforms like Spotify).

Regular (CD only):kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-

1. kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- (革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming-)
2. shara sousou (沙羅早々) -Note: I'm not 100% sure about this reading
3. AGEHA (アゲハ)

Limited (CD/DVD):kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-

CD 1. kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- (革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming-)
CD 2. shara sousou (沙羅早々) -Note: I'm not 100% sure about this reading
CD 3. kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming- (Instrumental)
CD 4. shara sousou (Instrumental)

2019.08.24 "Beautiful Beast Fest." at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST as "Alice Nine."
DVD 1. Opening
DVD 2. the beautiful name
DVD 3. subete e (すべてへ)
Here are the romanized lyrics for Alice Nine.'s new song, kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-. You can find the MV (vocaloid version) at the end of this post. And remember: if you check the description of the video, you can find a download link for the karaoke version of this song, and sing it yourself (or get a closer listen to just the music)!

Alice Nine. - kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-
Lyrics by Show
Song by Saga

Haritsumeteta ito wa kirete
Hagare ochita Tsukiyo
"Koko ni itai" to kimi wa naite
Kokoro nakusu machi wo kazaru


FANFAARE ga nari
Haru no rakurai ni Koto wa harisaketa

Mimi sumashi anata no koe wo kiita
Itsumo ima wa hakanakute
Owari wo shiri Towa wo motome
Kakumei no hana

Itsumo doori temae odori
Kure ni kieta akane
"Koko ga itai" to sasuru mune ni
Kokoro koko ni arazu no choushou


FANFAARE ga nari
Haru no rakurai ni Koto wa harisaketa

Ataerareru inochi nara
Mou iranai
Saisaki no saihate made
Kimi ga aisuru sekai naraba
Jigoku datte ii

Mimi sumashi anata no koe wo kiita
Itsumo ima wa hakanakute
Owari wo shiri Towa wo nozome
Kakumei no hana

Odore ya odore to
Hyakkiyakou e to

Ataerareru inochi nara
Mou iranai
Saisaki no saihate made
Kimi ga aisuru sekai naraba
Jigoku datte ii

Mimi sumashi anata no koe wo kiita
Itsumo ima wa hakanakute
Owari wo shiri Towa wo nozome
Kakumei no hana

Mono no aware

(Check the video description on Youtube for the karaoke mp3 official download link!)
Hi, community members! I'm still not able to get back to managing this community properly, but I wanted to at least post this update to make sure everyone gets a chance to listen to their new song!

Alice Nine. have announced an official release date for their upcoming single 革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming- (kakumei kaika-Revolutionary Blooming-), but there aren't yet many other details about the release. It will be released on:

October 23, 2019!

If you didn't get to see it live (in person, or by tuning in to watch the NicoNico broadcast of their final), then luckily, you can listen to the Vocaloid version of the song right now on NicoNico or, on Youtube, as below:

They have even uploaded the karaoke version for anyone to download (check the description of either video linked above for the download link... I don't think I should recopy it here), so if you give the song a try, you can probably upload your own sung/vocaloid version!

The vocaloid version of the song is a collaboration project:

Lyrics by Show
Song by Saga

Vocaloid Trainer - Reruriri

Video by Tora

Art by ak.

Special thanks to Dasoku
(He introduced them to the 'trainer' who programmed the Kagamine Rin/Len vocals)

If you have any impressions, leave them in the comments below, and/or leave them on the official Youtube video directly! Remember: Show's vocals will be on the official release in October, but I believe that the vocaloid version is going to be the official MV for the release, so for now let's treat it that way!

I'm really loving the neo-Japanese sound of this song, and every time I listen to it, it gets stuck in my head. The rhythm is wickedly good... I love the traditional instrument(s) being used (I'm a bit of an idiot, so I can't settle on which one(s) it/they are... 'koto' is in the lyrics, so it's likely that one, but there's a possibility it could also be shamisen? Opinions?) and the "hey!" grunted at certain parts of the song. I'm super into it. The video itself is really stylish, the illustrations are beautiful, and luckily we get a full look at the lyrics right away (someone recopied them all in one of the Youtube comments if you're curious, but I'm going to follow up this post with the romaji if you want to try singing it). The lyrics have a bit of an air of mystery and a very Japanese feel not only in terms of the imagery, but also of the types of words and phrasing being used.

Basically, everything about this song screams "We're Japanese!!"

It's awesome.
The Big Thing!

If you have only been getting your news from here, and you haven't yet heard, the big announcement during their spectacular 15th Anniversary live was that...

They've officially changed their name back to

アリス九號. / Alice Nine.

Take note: the English version now includes the beloved dot too :)

So the word "last" in their tour names was quite literal... they really were the "last" performances they did under the name "A9". In any case, it's excellent news because it generated a TON of buzz, and the night of the announcement, they got trending on Twitter like crazy (Japanese Twitter, I should specify).

Getting their name back is a really beautiful thing, especially considering how much it meant to them, and to so many fans who originally got to know them through that original name (including me). They also played a brand-new song (革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming-), which sounded extremely cool, very neo-Japanese, which is slated for release this October... and they'll also be releasing the concert footage from the 15th Anniversary performance on DVD (and Bluray?) later this year as well. So plenty of very exciting stuff to look forward to!

The Little Thing!

I know I just started a twitter for this community, and a few of you have joined, and I know I've only just started trying to revive this comm again, but unfortunately, something has come up, and I won't be able to stick to my original goal of keeping this place current, or getting that Twitter account going... life just happens, sometimes.

You can still contact me in all the usual ways, and I certainly encourage you all to make your own posts, or else to go make sure to follow all the official accounts on Twitter so you can keep up with the news firsthand.

Bye for now :)




If you are not in Japan today, or if your schedule just won't allow you to go to the 15th Anniversary Live, make sure you tune in or timeshift the live broadcast! Preferably both, so you can watch it a second time! Remember, they will be re-broadcasting Hiroto's birthday live (from 2019.05.04) before the big finale, so if you have time, tune in to that as well (your timeshift of the program will contain both, back-to-back).

You can read the original post about it [ here ].

Or, just go directly to the [ NICONICO PAGE ] to timeshift/watch!


They have now put up the broadcast page for the Line Live as well, which should begin at 9:30pm, Japan time.

Go [ HERE ] to watch the broadcast on your computer. If you are currently on mobile, clicking that link should bring up the page on mobile as well. If you have a Line account, make sure to friend A9's official line account, and you'll get all these links and updates automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: You can watch these broadcasts outside of Japan, but if you try to reserve the live or set a reminder (予約) through the app, you will be taken to a page that essentially tells you you have to be in Japan to download the Line Live Video app. You don't actually need that app to watch the broadcast, it would just give you more functionality. Use the link above, and tune in at the right time, and you will be able to watch it. You may need to refresh a few times around the time the broadcast is meant to start to make sure the video displays.

Mod Post : Twitter Account & Updates

Hello again, everyone!

Or should I say... 9kumi?

Not only have I spruced up our fan-names, not only have I made a new (truthfully kind of wonky :p) logo for our community, not only have I updated the profile page and sticky post...

I've also created a sister Twitter account for our LJ community! Rejoice!


There isn't much of anything there yet except for a sticky post (as of my posting this entry), but I'll start updating it this month. Even so, please do feel free to follow the account, @ the account, send it a Direct Message, tell your friends about it, or contact me through the new email account I've created (confuseduniverse9@gmail.com) for... well, anything. Questions, remarks, idle chatting...

I do have a personal account, but for the moment I'll just tweet and reply to any of you using this one, otherwise things may get a bit too crazy on my end. I might start talking to myself. That would be bad.

What the heck is a 9kumi?!

9kumi (pronounced cue-koo-mee) = a fan of A9 / Alice Nine / アリス九號.
It's how I decided to write 九組 (kyuukumi) in English, which is what a Japanese fan of the band would refer to themselves as. This is not to be confused with a NUMBER SIX., which is a 9kumi who has also joined the Official Fan Club. You can't call yourself a NUMBER SIX. unless you join the Fan Club.

So join!

(sorry... that promoting got a little forceful lol)

On a more serious note, it would be cool if we all started referring to ourselves this way, to match up with the Japanese fan community a little more. 9kumi is a bit punchier-looking than kyuukumi :)

Why a parade?!

Well... why not? Parades are loud, joyous, and attract attention. Plus, "Parade" is in the name of an A9 song, in case you didn't know, or forgot (聖者のパレード | seija no PARADE - Fun fact: that was the very first song Hiroto composed for the band).

What's going on in the logo?!

Fun stuff, I guess. I didn't overthink it :p
I've been imagining it as a stylized sparkler/firework, or a blade of grass unfurling (since a fan community is always a grassroots movement). You could also think of it as the "undying swirl of emotion" from the lyrics of Corona.

(...I actually did overthink it :p)



You can [ check out ] the last post for information on actually attending the two upcoming A9 lives in person, but...

For anyone not in Japan, or else not able to make it to the 15th Anniversary live on the 10th of August... you are in luck! A9 just announced on Twitter that they'll not only be doing the Line Live afterwards, but that they'll also be streaming the entire performance live via NicoNico as well!

[ HERE ] is the NicoNico page!

Please make sure to tune in and watch it live!

If you're not able, then please make sure to Timeshift it instead!

I believe that you can browse NicoNico in English, but if you have any difficulty figuring out how to create an account or Timeshift the performance--which you should still do even if you will be watching it live!--then please leave me your questions in the comments section and I'll do my best to help you out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're a regular NicoNico user (rather than a paying Premium User), after a certain point, you will no longer be able to watch the broadcast. If you'd like to watch the entire thing, in high resolution, then make sure you upgrade your NicoNico account beforehand.

They'll be re-broadcasting Hiroto's Birthday Festival as well (which originally aired on the 4th of May 2019), right beforehand, so if the timing works out for you, you get a double feature!

Don't miss it!

Timeshift it!

(Oh, that rhymed. I'm good. :p)

There's an update on the horizon...

Hi everyone! Long time no speak... incredibly long time.

I'm guessing that anyone interested enough in A9 news has been getting theirs on Twitter, or else checking the OHP every now and again... but still, I thought it would be worthwhile to drop by here and write up a post about the things we can look forward to this month anyway.

Before I start - would anyone find it useful or interesting for me to create a Twitter account to go with this Livejournal? I know a few of you still check back here sometimes, but if you're more active on Twitter, and are interested in connecting with this community on that social media platform instead, please let me know. I can certainly set that up. Maybe it would draw more of you out of your hidey-holes :p

Alright, on with a much-needed update.

(I know... technically, last month, but please be lenient with me :p)
You can click the link to see the ameblo entry about their interview in this latest issue; I won't be able to get my hands on it to read the interview firsthand until next week, but according to the entry, it's a must-read for fans, shockingly (?) frank at parts. ROCK AND READ really never disappoints with their artistic photoshoots and serious interviews, so make sure to pick up a copy if you can! I believe A9 has a 30-some page article, and the whole issue is something like 300 pages.

AUGUST 10TH - A9 LAST ONEMAN ALIVERSARY TOUR FINAL & 15TH ANNIVERSARY "THE TIME MACHINE"~If you could turn back time, would you wish to?~
If you're going to be in Japan on the 10th... make sure you attend this live! They've been dropping hints here and there about what it's going to involve, but it's still all up in the air (unless they've spilled the beans in the R&R interview... which I doubt :p). You'll notice that "LAST" is in the title. They're certainly not parting ways or disbanding or anything of the sort--they've made that clear. But what's not clear, is exactly what they mean by that. They're moving on to the next phase of A9, whatever that entails, and we'll likely get some answers during this 15th Anniversary celebration of a live.

In the link above you can get all the details, on the OHP, of when and where it is.
There are still regular-seat tickets available, which you would be able to get most easily at a Loppi kiosk in Lawson's (You can find a guide on how to use the kiosk HERE) and the L-code for the performance is: 73723

In addition, they're planning to do a Line Live after the performance the night of the 10th, so even if you can't actually go to the live, you can tune in to their talk session afterwards, in which I imagine they might discuss their immediate future plans, or any announcements that they made during the live... who knows! There should be links and information available the day-of through their [ Official Twitter ], so keep an eye on that if you want to watch the broadcast from home.

AUGUST 24TH - 15th Anniversary Final BEAUTIFUL BEAST FEST ~Gathering of Beautiful Men~
For the actual date of their band-iversary, A9 are throwing themselves a party and inviting a bunch of their friends (kind of like the PARTY ZOO festival Ken-san puts on every year in the fall)! So far they have announced 5 artists besides themselves who will be taking part, but there will likely be more announcements made closer to the date of the festival. Maybe some session bands, who knows...

Check the link above for all the information available via the OHP. There are still regular-seat tickets available for the festival, which you would be able to get most easily at a Loppi kiosk in Lawson's (You can find a guide on how to use the kiosk HERE) and the L-code for the performance is: 74187


A9 now have an [ official Instagram ], if you find it more convenient to follow their activities there, though Twitter is still the best place to get your updates, without any doubt. If you haven't been keeping up, check out their [ Official Twitter ] for digest videos of their most recent performances.

Oh, and Nao's birthday was just yesterday, so you can still @ him or reply to his latest tweet to wish him a happy birthday!

...have you listened to any songs off the BEST OF albums today?
Go do that :p

If you don't have a physical or digital copy, you can stream them via Apple music or Spotify (Kachou no Shirabe / Fuugetsu no Uta).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below!

Or if you just want to talk about something band-related that I haven't even covered here, use the comments section for that too!
This notice is a little bit late, but the new BEST OF albums have been released, and if you aren't able to buy a physical copy (see this entry for links and details), make sure you grab a digital copy via itunes, or else stream the songs via Apple Music or Spotify (Kachou no Shirabe | Fuugetsu no Uta)!

They're absolutely stellar, so give them a try!

The other big notice that I have to give is regarding the announcement that Hiroto's birthday live will be broadcast, well, live on Niconico! They'll also be re-broadcasting last year's live the day before. Go forth and timeshift both events, my friends!

May 3rd 2019 : BROADCAST PAGE : STAIRWAY TO MOON - Hiroto's Birthday Celebration 2018

May 4th 2019 : BROADCAST PAGE : CASE OF 花鳥 - Hiroto's Birthday Celebration 2019

Please be aware, however, that after a certain point, the live broadcast becomes Premium Members only... but you can activate a premium membership just for the month if you don't want to miss all the action. I'm sure the live will be every bit as spectacular this year as last year's was!

If you have any questions about the release, the upcoming live broadcasts, or better yet, want to discuss the new albums/songs, please go ahead and leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer, or get super geeky about the songs in the comments with you.

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