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[sticky post] Members new and old... start here!

Welcome to alice_nine, the largest international Alice Nine fan community on Livejournal... and possibly on the entire internet!

Have you got a question about the band that you just haven't been able to get answered?
Are you on the lookout for translations?
Do you need a place to rant about how awesome that latest release was?

You've come to the right place! Whether you call them アリス九號., Alice Nine, or A9, we're here for you! To see some of the posts here, you must have a Livejournal account and then join the community. We love meeting new NUMBER SIX.es so don't hesitate to introduce yourself once you become a member and you can even take a few minutes to read others' introductions. If you'd rather not create an account to join the community, you can still comment anonymously on most entries... but it's more fun if you join us!

Please read the rules before you do any posting or commenting:

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Useful Links for Members

Alice Nine's Discography : All of the CDs that they have released.

Magazine Archive : A list (with thumbnails, article summaries, and sometimes translations) of all the magazines that Alice Nine have been in.

Alice9Channel / Blog Magazine : If the episode (raw or translated) isn't on this page or the pages it links to, it's not available!

Current Discussion : Answer this week's random reaction!

Introductory Post : Check back now and again to see the introductions of new members!

This is a "sticky post", so it will always be the top entry on this community. If you have any questions about how to join, some suggestions for the community, see some rule-breaking, or a problem on the community, please leave a comment to this entry. All comments are screened, which means only I, a friendly moderator, will be able to see them.


Hello! Today I bring you a translation of a very old Neo Genesis interview that the guys did just before the release of zekkeishoku. Nostalgia! I haven't posted the entire interview here, as it was already fully-formatted on my translation blog and I don't have the patience to do that a second time. So please check the link at the end of the entry if interested :)

Neo Genesis vol 4, pg. 49-51
Also in : Neo Genesis Year Book 2006, pg. 41-44
Original text: Hiroko Yamamoto
Translation: Jea

The theme is sweet, painful spring memories.
Given that it's March, graduation season, we got a frank talk among the five members about their memories of love from their middle school student days.
In the end, there was someone who was popular, someone who was rejected after a first confession, and someone who had no chance with girls.
Plus, we've got lots to tell you about "Zekkeishoku", their first full-length album.

Since it's graduation season, could you please first tell us some of your sweet and painful memories?

Saga : Memories, huh...

Well then, let's start with you, Saga-kun.

Saga : Oh, we're starting with me (laugh). If you mention spring, you think of the time of changing classes. Even being shy, after a year, I could become friends with everyone. I developed a crush, too, at the end of the second year of middle school; on the way home from my club meeting, I told her "please go out with me!" and that was the very first time I ever confessed my feelings to someone!

Read more under the cut...Collapse )

You can read the rest of the interview on [ THIS PAGE ]

Broadcast : Hiroto's Birthday live!

Who's had a chance to listen to PLANET NINE?

I loved it and am still processing my tons of little thoughts about it, but I might manage some coherence in the comments if you too want to make sense of how fresh the new album is... remember, if you couldn't or didn't want to order a hard copy of the album, it is up for download on itunes, or you can make a free (or paid) Spotify account and listen to the album there, to support the guys' hard work!

Now, on a note of them making things accessible even to overseas fans... they just announced today that they'll be broadcasting Hiroto's birthday live (the opening night of their tour) on NicoNico, this Friday the 4th of May, so we can all join in and watch it! Yes!


Just be aware that the latter half of the performance (probably the encore or somewhere around there) will be for premium NicoNico members only--it's about a 5$ fee. But no matter if you can watch that bit or not, I am sure it's going to be a ridiculously fun time. If you have listened to the album, then you know that CASTLE OF THE NINE is going to be even more of a spectacle than UNDEAD PARTY... :D

They've been practicing... dance moves...


I have no idea what it's going to be like, but "memorable" seems like an accurate guess XD
How's everyone doing? Are you ready to get your hands (ears?) on the album this Wednesday? :D

Remember: aside from ordering a physical copy, you'll also be able to grab it off of itunes or listen to it on Spotify. All signs are pointing to this album being interesting and fresh--but whether in a good way or bad will be up for debate.

In the meantime, while we count down these last hours, I figured I would finally post some of the translations I've been working on. The following series of 15 comes from the B-PASS VANDALIZE special from 2009, where an interviewer took them back through all 15 B-PASS articles they had done until that point to discuss their thoughts. As usual there are laughs, tangents, and feels, and for most of us--plenty of nostalgia. I did post the first four years ago, but they've been corrected, so I am re-posting them along with the rest.

You can read the first of the 15 interviews below the cut, and follow the links at the end of this entry for the rest, which have been posted on my new, dedicated translation site (with images and better formatting!). I figure it's neater to keep all my work in one place :)

B-PASS Special Retrospective Interview - WHITE PRAYERCollapse )

Read the full series: 0707 | 0711 | 0712 | 0801 | 0802 | 0803 | 0804 | 0805 | 0806 | 0807 | 0808 | 0809 | 0810 | 0811 | 0812 .

Well that was new...

I just got a notice informing me that someone had posted to the community. "Yay!", I thought to myself.

Um, not so much.
A troll had posted two wordy entries linking to porn.

They broke the rules in a pretty major way and so have been expelled from the community and I've reinstated moderated posting to prevent that from happening in the future. In other words, I have to approve all posts before they appear--but don't let that stop you from posting! :)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, trolls. EVERY post has to be about A9. Next time you want to write a wordy entry that links to porn, try typing up a rambling review of Kiss Twice,Kiss Me Deadly, and linking to the video of One More Kiss edition.

Honestly. smh. Trolls are so lazy.

Nico Live Broadcast! :D

Hi Everyone!

This is a quick note, for anyone who manages to see it in time, that tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are), A9 are going to be doing a live show on niconico to celebrate the upcoming release of PLANET NINE!

Here is the page where you can watch it / timeshift : http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv312103998

Ken (from L'arc~en~Ciel) will be joining them, as he produced both F+IX=YOU and UNREAL, and they'll be discussing the songs on the album, as well as the MV in depth. I'm sure we can expect some strange games and hilarity as well once they've wrapped up their discussion. As always, the later half of the show will be for premium members only, so if you want to enjoy the whole thing, don't forget to sign up for a premium membership!

In addition, if you scroll down to the "INFORMATION" section of the page above, you can see the limited and regular edition cover art for PLANET NINE! If you're a bit confused about why the limited edition cover seems simpler, that is because there is a hidden "alternate" jacket on the inside, which will contain a QR code for a video and a chance to win one of the spectacular prizes below:

・Off with A9! Invitation to a luxurious cruise event
・A9 LIVE TOUR "after party" participation ticket
・A9 A-C special item presents:
[Prize A]A personal item from one of the members
[Prize B]Original PLANET NINE merch
[Prize C]A big PLANET NINE poster

This was kind of rushed, so if you have a question about something I didn't cover, please go ahead and ask!

Tracklist Ahoy!

How's it going? Is the wait treating you well? Is anyone else going a little mad? No? Just me? Ah, well... whatever stage of album-hype you're in at the moment, I'm sure you can appreciate a good ol' tracklist. I think by now most sites have PLANET NINE up for preorder, so go forth and reserve your copy if you like that kind of thing (or just wait for release day... or just wait to grab it on itunes/spotify... whatever floats your boat, NUMBER SIXes...)

The regular edition and limited editions both come with 11 tracks total; the limited edition, however, comes with a bonus DVD (content as-yet unannounced, but I'm sure it will at least contain the UNREAL MV) and an extravagant booklet. I don't know about you, but I can always use a little extra extravagance in my life. Ahem.

7. ソナタ | SONATA
8. Neophilia
11. Re:Born

I fully applaud the decision to include the delectable Neophilia in the album -- I doubt they imagined Neophilia would be as crazy well-received as it was lol. More to the point, in their original announcement, the album was apparently just 10 tracks, so I think Neophilia was a late (and great) addition. I haven't heard a single person nay-say that song yet! And I don't intend to.

That was kind of a tiny little threat. I have modly comment-screening powers. Don't make me use them ;_;
Joking! I would never do that!
Or would I...?


We're leaving Earth... for PLANET NINE.

Drop what you're doing and go watch A9's latest MV, UNREAL!

Their new album, PLANET NINE, comes out on April 25th 2018, so mark your calendars ♥

Also, for those who don't know, Tora co-directed the MV... I think he did a great job! :D

If you'll allow me the indulgence of writing a few of my own thoughts... this is the exact opposite of what I was expecting them to do after F+IX=YOU, and I am so here for it. I absolutely love the dark tone and intense feel of anticipation I get from both the song and the MV. F+IX=YOU was cute and flirty and playful, while UNREAL is just pure decadence and sex appeal lol! Don't get me started on Saga's rapping or we'll be here all day. Alright, that's enough from me. We all know the ol' mod is exciiited beyond belief. Go forth and form your own opinions! :D

White Day! Community soft reopening!

Hello again, handful-of-people-still-checking-this-place!

There was barely a murmur of interest from my last entry, but I figure that things might improve if I dust off this place a little more. I've updated all the outdated links on the homepage and profile page, updated information on the profile (though there's still more left to do, of course), and removed security restrictions on posting and commenting. What does that mean?

It means that entries can now be posted publicly again (this one is!), and that anyone, including anons, can comment (though anon comments will be screened at first, to avoid potential trolling/spam). Twitter and Tumblr aren't the best platforms to have really engaging discussions in, because their interfaces aren't really made to keep everything in one place. The call-to-action from FAIX earlier this week in terms of sharing content (if anyone reading this knows what I'm referring to) made me feel like I should try to inject a little excitement into this place again. So you can probably expect some new/old scanned content in the near future. That is, of course, on top of discussion (if anyone even comes here!) and news or translations. I'm only one person (so far), so we'll see how much I can get done. lol!

To begin with, at the White Day "WHITE ROOM" live that the guys just finished playing today, they surprised fans by playing their newest PV! Show tweeted to say that they'll be making some announcements any day now... who else is ridiculously excited? Several days ago, Hiroto told us that they went back to an old location (from the NUMBER SIX. days -- the HELLO,NEW SUPER VIEW pamphlet, I think) to take some new photos.

That was a little incoherent, but I promise I'll get better. Scans and things to come...

Do you have any ideas for what we can do to make this place fun?

Selling RARE A9 items

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