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Alice Nine Livejournal Community

"I believe myself & my best friends, and you"

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The First and Largest Fan Community for Alice Nine

Please take time to read this entire page before posting or commenting at the community. Thank you.

This community was founded on December 2, 2004 by minaya

minaya : minaya@gmx.de
rokuban : gotenksgurldbz@aol.com
mendoukuse : chants.de.mines@gmail.com
kazamesu : LJ Message OR Screened Comment
toumeya : toumeya@gmail.com

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have at one of them.

Current layout is a slightly modified version of one by malionette
Current snazzy header was made by elaithan

1) Please keep the atmosphere pleasant - be nice to each other.

2) Everything posted to the community must be directly related to alice nine.. This includes, but is not limited to: news, release info, member info, OHP updates, icons/graphics, fanworks, lyrics, scans, translations, etc.

3) All images larger than 300px should be placed behind an lj-cut.
3.1) If you are posting icons, two of them may be left out of the cut as a preview.

4) NO FANFICTION. Please post fanfiction to a community like aliceinloveland instead. Any entry containing fanfiction will be deleted immediately.

5) Only Alice Nine specific graphics will be accepted in this community. If you do post graphics, they must all be posted in an entry to this community. No links to an entry in your personal or graphics LJ which is or will be locked in the future. Advertising your graphics journal is perfectly fine.

6) If you would like to introduce yourself, do so in this entry where you can also get to know a bit about the other members of this community.

7) Requests for things like pictures or information are allowed, but your entry will be deleted once someone has fulfilled your request and you have replied to thank them. Before making a request, you are encouraged to check the tags and memories of this community.

8) Uploads are welcome, however, only upload things which are considered rare or new. This includes terekos(live fan recordings), new/rare scans, new releases, or rare videos/music. Permanent direct uploads are preferred, but not required. (EX: mediafire)
8.1) All posts to this community are automatically friends-locked. Unlocked posts containing scans or downloads will be deleted.
8.1) Linking to scans or downloads through a site like linkbucks will not be tolerated. We do not allow members to profit off of content that they do not own the rights to. Your entry will be deleted immediately.

9) Promotion of other communities is allowed only if they are specifically alice nine.-related. Otherwise, the post will be deleted.
9.1) Any entry you post which has a fake cut to a locked entry on another community will be deleted.

10) Sales posts are allowed. If you are posting a general list of items containing a variety of artists, please specify which items are related to Alice Nine. (eg. which magazine has articles on Alice Nine., how many pages, etc.) Please do not post the same items for sale within two weeks of the previous post. Auctioneers are allowed to post one reminder before the auction ends. Sellers should identify whether or not goods are official if the question arises. The community is not responsible for the transactions between the seller and the buyer.

Members who do not follow the rules may be banned from the community or have their posting access removed.

+ 1st Fanart Contest Winners: aoi_ajisai & xaoitsuki
+ 1st Layout Contest Winner: trickarnival
+ 2nd Layout Contest Winner: ny_a
+ 3rd Layout Contest Winner: ny_a
+ 4th Layout Contest Winner: edenoverdose
+ 1st Header Contest Winner: elaithan
+ 1st Icons Contest Winner: trickarnival
+ 1st Haiku Contest Winner: naitoxstar

Thanks go to all participants in our past contests. Be on the look-out for more contests to come!

Alice Nine アリス九號.
将 ヒロト 虎 沙我 Nao
jrock. major. visual kei.
OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE : http://www.pscompany.co.jp/alicenine

Sept. 17
May 4
July 5
July 31
June 24

New Album (Limited Press/Regular Press)
Release Date: 2014.03.19
Price: ¥3,990 (Limited) / ¥3,150 (Regular)

2. + -
4. メビウス (MOEBIUS)
5. Daybreak
6. shooting star
7. Exist
8. 1 Minute Kidding
9. KID
10. SHADOWPLAY (Supernova Edition)
11. 開戦前夜 (kaisen zenya)
12. Prelude -resolution-
DVD [Limited Edition]
1. SEVEN MUSIC VIDEO (7 versions)
Main ver., Multi Angle ver.,
SHOU ver., HIROTO ver., TORA ver.,
SAGA ver., NAO ver.

+ Official Home Page
+ Official Label Site

+ Official Blog : Shou | Hiroto | Tora | Saga | Nao | Staff
+ Official Twitter : Shou | Hiroto | Saga | Staff

+ alice nine. Official Myspace
+ alice nine. @ Universal Music Japan
+ Official Global PS Company Fan Club
+ alice nine. @ music japan+
+ alice nine. @ JaME
+ alice nine. @ Visunavi
+ alice nine. ArtistFILE @ BARKS.jp

+ AKATSUKI : alice nine. lyrics translation site
+ alice nine. World : alice nine. fansite
+ ALICE NINE WORLD : alice nine. fansite (Russian)

+ Amazon.co.jp
+ Brand-X
+ CDJapan
+ HMV Japan
+ YesAsia.com

+ itunes
Some countries outside of Japan now have Alice Nine releases in their itunes stores (view the list of countries). If your country is not on that list, please check out THIS GUIDE by chibilisa for a way to access and buy from Japanese itunes instead.

+ alice9_diaries : Alice Nine's diary entries translated
+ fivestarstory : Alice Nine's magazine articles translated
+ aliceinrainbows : Alice Nine translations
+ jmusic_subs : Alice Nine's PVs subbed
+ a9_stillness : Alice Nine icontest community
+ aliceinloveland : Alice Nine fanfiction community
+ aliceinfiction : Alice Nine fanfiction challenge community
+ alice9_daily : Alice Nine daily images community
+ soymilk_freak : Shou fan community
+ hiro_to_ism : Hiroto fan community
+ pirate_tiger : Tora fan community
+ butterflykiss_c : Saga fan community
+ poohyuki : Nao fan community