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Hi number sixes!
I'm Selling Alice Nine Untitled Vandalism Jacket goods plus Club Alice Pick Necklace as a set!

Please help me get out of this! :) Both for $70


Info here!Collapse )


Selling Alice Nine Magazines & Books

Hi there,

even if my heart is bleeding I'm selling the following magazines, cause I'm moving:

Arena37, ArenaSpecial, ArenaIndex, B=Pass, CD DATA, Fools Mate, Neo Genesis, Neo Genesis Yearbook, PatiPati, Rock&Read, Shockwave, Shoxx, ZY, Piece of 5 Elements.


Pictures, prizes etc. are under the cut~Collapse )


Sorry about the late update. I was wiped out after everything and felt kinda under the weather.

Anyway, I went for the Meet & Greet session on day 2. The results were...Collapse )

Day of performance.TL;DR, queueing was hellishCollapse )
Running low on energy, but I hung in there until the MCs came out and announced that the first act was BTOB. Damn... I was hoping it'd be A9, because they're getting on a flight back to Japan later, so if they performed first they'd have more time to pack up and check in at the airport. By that time it was quite late. I think 7 plus, coming to 8pm.A9 experience!Collapse )
Overall the live experience was fantastic! I was prepared for a massive squeeze of humanity, but everyone just remained where they were and didn't push up in front to get closer to A9. I guess they're polite and they understood that they needed their space to headbang.

I left after A9 were done and headed for the Flyer building to catch a cab to Changi Airport to send A9 off.A9 left ;v;Collapse )
Lastly, you guys should check Alice Nine Singapore on FB, they've linked some videos and photos of the Sundown Festival. BTW, the Alice Nine guys are a lot more handsome in person than the photos! That's all for my fan report!

J-Rock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta

Hi, I just wanna share my experience about J-Rock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta! :D I wrote a report about it here:

click here!

Cross posting this to a lot of places so I apologize if it disturbs anyone @A@;; I also apologize for the super long report OTL and this is my first time posting to this community too, so I apologize too if I made any mistake OTL

If you are interested/have the time to, please feel free to read it! <3

looking for 2010 tour goods

Hi everyone!

I've been looking for the 'Flashlight from the past' tank top and I'm just wondering if anyone is selling any (new or used), before I go off and buy it from cooljapanstore or something like that haha 
Or is the GFC / Club Alice the only place to buy it (authentic)?


(btw, Happy Birthday Tora!!! )

Selling Alice Nine Club Alice Postcard

Hallo all :D I want to sell my original Alice Nine postcard :)

I offer Free Shipping Worldwide :)


Thankyou so much! :D

More Under CutCollapse )

Many of you have seen PS Company Super Visual Battle Royale. I made some macros from the screens I made so check them out. Of course it makes more sense if you actually watched the show.

Read more...Collapse )


Apr. 12th, 2012

Hi guys! In case you didn't know, I thought I'd let you know that the GBP (Pound) is stronger than both the Yen and the USD. If you're interested in buying JRock, joining the PSC FC, or going to Japan you may want to try and sell items in Pounds through paypal, ebay, etc. :] I hope this helps! xx
Poll #1833047 Alice Nine on TV Tropes

What do you think about creating an Alice Nine page on TV Tropes?

Good idea! I support it!
Baaad Idea
Don't care

Cos' several Visual-kei / Jrock groups / people have one, some of which are pretty entertaining and even informational to read: Versailles, X Japan, Dir En Grey, Buck Tick, Gackt... For more examples, just go to the Visual-kei tv trope page.

I love TV Tropes. It isn't the most accurate source of info, seeing that it's like wikipedia and can be edited by anyone, and some people are writing what they think rather than what they really know, but it's still great fun to read. I think an Alice Nine TV trope page would turn out awesome since there's so much fun stuff about them revealed in various interviews and such. It would also be a good way to organise and document facts and opinions about the band and their music.

Unfortunately, I haven't got the know-how or time to get one started. So I'm wondering if anyone here also likes TV Tropes and could get the ball rolling? I'd be glad to help add on the tropes :) Perhaps we can see how many people are interested in seeing the boys on TV Tropes before we decide whether to make one, hence I've made a poll.

Hello, World Romaji Lyrics

Hi I was wondering where I could find the romaji lyrics for Hello, World. Thank you!


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