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[sticky post] Members new and old... start here!

Welcome to alice_nine, the largest international Alice Nine fan community on Livejournal... and possibly on the entire internet!

Have you got a question about the band that you just haven't been able to get answered?
Did you miss the latest Alice9Channel?
Are you on the lookout for translations?
Do you need a place to rant about how awesome that latest release was?

You've come to the right place! To see most of the posts here, you must have a Liveournal account and then join the community. We love meeting new NUMBER SIX.es so don't hesitate to introduce yourself once you become a member and you can even take a few minutes to read others' introductions. Read the rules (on the profile page), take a glance at the recent entries, tags, and memories, and you're all set to begin commenting and even posting your own entries to the community.

Useful Links for Members

Alice Nine's Discography : All of the CDs that they have released.

Magazine Archive : A list (with thumbnails, article summaries, and sometimes translations) of all the magazines that Alice Nine have been in.

Alice9Channel / Blog Magazine : If the episode (raw or translated) isn't on this page or the pages it links to, it's not available!

Current Discussion : Answer this week's random reaction!

Introductory Post : Check back now and again to see the introductions of new members!

This is a "sticky post", so it will always be the top entry on this community. If you have any questions about how to join, some suggestions for the community, see some rule-breaking, or a problem on the community, please leave a comment to this entry. All comments are screened, which means only I, a friendly moderator, will be able to see them.


Selling RARE A9 items

Hi ! Have some items to sell. Please take a look ! Thanks !
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no title


The JRock Nostalgia Post

The JRock Nostalgia Post

If you miss the days when Jrock communities on livejournal were active, if you wonder what happened to your old fandom friend that you lost touch with, if you just MISS JRock fandom then come on over to the JROCK NOSTALGIA POST. A free for all post where you can chat, catch up and reminisce. Current fans, Ex fans, old fans, new fans, all are welcome!

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hey guys!
i'm selling at my journal two alice nine photobooks //TAKE A LOOK//

Alice Nine Channel

Did someone record May 26 2014 (Monday) Alice Nine Channel? :(

A910th - Anniversary Fan Project

Hi all, it's been a while since the project has started on tumblr, but of course not everyone has an account there, so we're reaching out with an official post here (albeit a little late).

a910th.tumblr.com/faq is where you can read all about the fanbook we're making. The gist of it is that we're collecting art, letters, photos, images of creative-what-have-yous; anything that can be printed to put into one large and (if no problems arise) professional quality book to deliver in-person to the 10th Anniversary Live. The founder of this project herself will be flying over to attend the concert with it, so!

This is your chance to show the band how much fans worldwide love and support them, what they mean to each of us, how they inspire us etcetera, and make sure they get it. You have the choice to submit to that tumblr for everyone to see, or send us an email at a910th@outlook.com. The deadline is July 1st to give us time to compile everything in an orderly fashion, print it, and leave room for possible errors. Don't be shy--we want to include everyone.

Let's make this the best fanbook they've ever seen!

Lastly, I don't sign on here often so if there are any questions, please also email to the above address, which will be checked by all moderators!

Happy contributing!

P.S. If fangroups would like to submit their group's stuff (again anything that can be printed), we can make a feature section for you (or have you begin your country's section, depending on bulk)! We absolutely want this to be a unified collection of all fans who are interested.

Okay! To my knowledge nobody's translated Saga's latest influx of posts, he's on a damn roll. I put up the six most recent and I'll think about doing the seventh, I'm just slightly tuckered.

(Fake cut ahead...)

Now, on to the second half of this post. I'm wondering if anyone has the Vandalize scorebook? What I'm after specifically is sheets for Mirror Ball, the piano version. It would be a dream to cover, even if the sheets aren't exactly the same as the album version. I've looked elsewhere on the internet and none of the links I've found work.

If anybody has or knows of scans, I could certainly use that~! I believe in the past the Alpha score was requested but I don't think the Vandalize one was?


I felt bad asking without offering anything in return so there it is.

Thanks so much in advance, you beautiful people~


Thank you so much to atearak who was lovely enough to share her scans!!! I'm sure if anyone in the future is looking for the same thing, you can shoot me a message and I'll pass them along, if that's okay with her. The Alice Nine community as always the most helpful fans anywhere ( *´艸`)

'9' album signed by Saga

I am going to let this go. '9' album signed by Saga. Cause I need money to buy new glasses.

more info here in my journal eltune



Alice Nine hoodie!

Hi guys! I'm going to sell this cause I need to pay for my bill this month

Promo! If you take Hoodie only for $45.
and if you take both items Free shipping! :)

Sold Out! thankyou!

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